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I can help you fulfill your story’s greatest potential.

After more than twelve years of experience as an in-house editor at major publishing houses, I now work independently with authors, agents, and publishers. My specialties are middle grade and YA novels. It's an honor to guide authors through the wilderness of the revision process, from murky first drafts to gleaming finished manuscripts. 


Every writing endeavor is unique. Please read through the list of services here to see which one seems best suited to you. Then email me to describe your project and goals. I can conduct a free preliminary evaluation to determine whether I can help. If I am not the right editor for your work, I will let you know. If I am, I can provide a free custom quote.


Before you contact me, see what other writers say about my work, take a look at my submission policy, and read through the FAQ, which includes information about my rates.

Menu of Services

First Pages Critique

Insight into how publishers, agents, and your intended audience will respond to your writing on a line-by-line level. A first pages critique includes detailed margin comments on up to 25 pages of your manuscript and an email exchange to answer any follow-up questions you might have. $750 flat fee.

Manuscript Evaluation

I can help you identify your draft’s key strengths and weaknesses so that you focus your revision on what matters most. A manuscript evaluation includes an overview critique letter of 1 to 2 pages and a 30-minute follow-up phone call. Contact me for a custom quote.


Detailed Editorial Letter

After a close reading of your complete manuscript, I offer tailored insight on concept, voice, characterization, plot, pacing, and more. Editorial letters are typically 4 to 6 pages and include a 30-minute follow-up phone call. Contact me for a custom quote.


Query Letter Review

It’s always a challenge to see your own work clearly, and to describe your story in a few short sentences that grab and hold your reader’s attention. I will help you position your project in the current market and polish your pitch. $350 flat fee.


Outline or Synopsis Development

I can help you strengthen the bones of your story. Contact me for a custom quote.


Other Consultations 

Need help with something not listed here? Let me know about your project and goals.


How to Send

Email me! 

Briefly describe the project you want to work on together. Let me know a little bit about your background as a writer, your goals for this project, and any other details you'd like to share.


Give me a taste. 

Please attach the first ~10 pages of your manuscript as a Word or Google doc or PDF. Also share a brief synopsis, if available.


I usually respond promptly. If you have sent a query and I haven’t acknowledged receipt within 7 business days, please feel free to resend.