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Want to share your writing with student editors?

I teach a graduate-level course in developmental editing at Portland State University, and I’m seeking materials for class assignments.


This is not a substitute for paid editorial services. This is an unpaid opportunity to help educate a new generation of publishing professionals while getting free advice about how you might strengthen your book-in-progress.


Please note that students will not be correcting grammar or line editing. Developmental editors offer big-picture feedback on issues of craft. For example, suggestions might relate to structure, pacing and flow, concept/thesis, or characterization. 


Student editors’ responses will be specific to the projects they read, respectful, and constructive. My classroom is an inclusive, anti-racist space with a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination. BIPOC and LGBTQ+ writers are especially encouraged to participate. No publishing experience is required. 


To apply, please email the following as Word or Google docs to

  • Up to 20,000 words of a manuscript or book proposal, including sample chapters. Your project may be fiction or non-fiction; any genre for any audience. 

  • A brief (2-page) summary or outline of the rest of the manuscript, if available. 

  • A separate Artist Statement (to be shared with students) that includes the following: 

    • Summarize your project in 1 or 2 sentences.

    • Who do you see as your audience for this book? Readers of what other books/authors? 

    • What aspect(s) of this project posed the greatest challenge for you? Are you looking for feedback on anything in particular?

    • Optional: Is there anything else readers should know about this project? Anything you want to share about the lived experience, research, or thought that went into it?

  • In your email to me, kindly include:

    • A bit about your background as a writer. Have you worked with an editor or critique group before? (Not required!)

    • Would you be willing and able to schedule a 45-minute Zoom conversation with students who have read your work? This would take place in Feb, 2022, on a Tuesday or Thursday. If you would prefer to only receive feedback in writing, please say so.


The course begins in January, 2022. Materials will be finalized by December 10, 2021. Please email materials as soon as you are ready to share. Understand that not all projects will be a right fit for this course. I am seeking a variety of voices, genres, and book concepts. 


Thank you for your interest!

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